First Look! Ashley Greene’s Poster for Her New Flick, Skateland

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Uh oh. Is Ashley Greene shacking up with someone other than boyf Joe Jonas? Calm down, Jonash devoters, that’s just Ashley and her co-star, Shiloh Fernandez on the poster for their upcoming indie flick, Skateland. But we had you for a second there, didn’t we? Not really?

Read more to get all the deets on Ashley’s latest flick!

It’s called Skateland and it centers around Ashley’s character, Michelle, and Shiloh’s character, skating-rink manager Ritchie, as teens in the 1980’s. But it’s not to be confused with that other 80’s coming-of-age film that takes place at a different amusement park, Adventureland, OK?

According to the film’s official press release, it’s a “compelling drama which marks the tumultuous transition of a group of high school friends into adulthood.” We are so there!

The movie comes out in limited release on March 25, 2011 in New York and Los Angeles. Will you watch Ashley’s new flick? Tell us why or why not!