Vine Stars Get Physically Attacked While Trying to Protect Fans from Abuse

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Vine stars have done some pretty messed up things in the past, but nothing constitutes the type of behavior that went down over the weekend. Rapper Skate Maloley was performing a sold-out concert at NYC’s Webster Hall on Saturday when security began attacking fans. According to the Viner’s dad, “a security guard had a fan [by] the neck” and Nate (his real name) tried to stop him. This is what happened:

After the 21 year old was physically assaulted, his fellow Viner and Skaterade tour mate Derek Luh then tried to offer his help, only to be beat up, too. The 20 year old was hurt badly enough that he had to be taken to the hospital for “observation [and] x-rays].” A few hours after the whole incident went down,
Skate expressed how distraught he was over the situation on Twitter.

Skate, who is friends with many other social media influencers, also received tons of support from his fellow Vine and YouTube stars.

Unfortunately, a few of the tour’s shows have been cancelled as Skate and his team figure out how to proceed with security moving forward.

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