12 Perfect Gifts to Get Your Favorite Sister This Holiday Season

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No matter how well you know your sister, buying her the perfect prezzie can take a lot of time and seem straight-up impossible. Back in the day you could always just buy her a season of her fave TV show on DVD and call it a day, but now that Netflix exists that’s not really an option. *sigh* However, this means your gift for your sis this year can be more creative and thoughtful than ever before — you know, something she actually wants! No matter if she’s your big sis, little sis or twin sis — there’s something on this list for girls of all ages and all interests.

Sure, any gift you choose will DEF have your sibling smiling when she tears apart the wrapping paper because ~it’s the thought that counts~, BUT if you choose one of the following options, she’ll genuinely be happy and won’t have to try out her acting skills.