7 Essentials to Guarantee the Perfect Single Girls’ Valentine’s Day

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You don't need a significant other to have a great Valentine's Day. All you need is a good group of girlfriends, some movies, and candy! LOTS of candy! Don't get down about being single, embrace it! Have fun with your friends and enjoy your freedom.

We're breaking down all the essentials to have a great single girls' Valentine's Day. Check out our list below to see what items you need for the big day. Let us know how you'll be celebrating this year in the comments below!

1. Friends. Having your other (single) friends around will help you have a great Valentine's Day!


2. Music. You need to have an awesome dance party. Download some Selena Gomez and sing at the top of your lungs to a Taylor Swift song!


3. Movies. After your dance party, you can take a rest and watch a few movies. How about a comedy? Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, and She's the Man will have you LOL-ing all night long!


4. Candy. Candy is a must for a single girl's night! Grab gummy worms, chocolate, and some Sour Patch Kids. You can eat all of this yummy stuff while watching your movies.


5. Games. After you're done watching your movies, it's game time! Just Dance on Wii is always fun, or an old-school game of charades will get you laughing!


6. Nail polish. Time to give each other some serious manicures! Pick up your fave colors at the store and take turns perfecting everyone's nails. You could even get some eye shadow and lip gloss out to do makeovers on each other!


7. Cameras. You need to have a camera ready to capture all of the best moments from your girl's night. Let everyone know you're having the best time with friends and prove that you don't need a guy to have fun on V-Day!


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