9 Singers Who Dished About Their Exes in Their Music

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There’s nothing like watching rich, beautiful famous people fall in love. Except, you know, watching rich, beautiful famous people fall out of love. Not to sound like a horrible person or anything — okay, I guess it’s probably already too late for that — but once a couple breaks up, that’s when all the name calling and juicy deets behind the breakup start to come out.

At first those details come from “anonymous sources” and “friends close to the couple,” also known as the worst friends in the entire world. But when we’re really, really lucky, sometimes that information comes right from the mouth of one of the celebrities themselves. Not directly, of course. Celebs are much too tricky for that.

Instead, they express themselves through song. Take, for examples, these nine celebrities, all of whom decided to sing about their exes after a breakup. Many times the celebrity will never actually confirm they’ve written a song about an ex, but let’s get real. We know all the sound of an ex-lover scorned when we hear it.

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