12 Singers Who Covered Their Competition’s Music

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When it comes to music nothing is off limits. In fact in addition to singing about your best friends, boyfriends or exes, some musical exes have actually performed together post split. That isn’t however the weirdest thing to happen in the music world. Singers like Katy Perry get away with the wackiest lyrics, because in music anything goes.

That even means that musicians can cover their main competition’s songs like it’s no big deal. Seriously, some of the greatest cover songs have come from singers performing their musical rival’s tunes. If you don’t believe us we have a LOT of proof below. Sit back and enjoy the music, these cover songs are pretty spectacular.

1. Fifth Harmony — Although Fifth Harmony is technically a rival girl group with Little Mix that didn’t stop them from covering “Move.” In 2013, the British girl band released the catchy tune and their competition couldn’t help but follow in their footsteps by covering the song during a Capital FM interview. The live on-air version of the song is pretty epic.

2. One Direction — Alright so 1D and Ed Sheeran are actually BFFs but that doesn’t mean they don’t compete for radio time and hit records. Seriously, the Brits are SO freaking good at singing it was only a matter of time before they competed for our attention. The boys did however show their support for Ed by covering his song “A Team” at one of their concerts in 2012. In fact, it was at the request of their fans via Twitter to sing one of Ed’s tunes and they totally nailed it.

3. 5 Seconds of Summer — The Australian hotties aren’t afraid to take on their number one competition by covering their hit songs. Even though the Aussie boys are friends with One Direction, they definitely fight for the title of “Best Boy Band” on the regular. The best part about this rivalry are the not one, but two cool covers that came from 5SOS. The group not only covered “What Makes You Beautiful” but they also took a stab at “One Thing” by 1D. They might not want to be called the Australian One Direction, but these tunes sure make them sound like it.

4. The Vamps — The only thing that could be better than One Direction singing “Little Things” is another cute boy band covering that song too. Seriously, we didn’t think anyone could make us swoon more than 1D does when they sing this slow jam, but The Vamps proved us wrong. The British band’s acoustic, broken down version of their fellow UK friend’s song is ah-mazing. Plus, Bradley Simpson plays the ukulele, so they might actually win the battle of the Brits this time around. PS: The Vamps also did “Story of Our Lives” in case you want more!

5. The Vamps — Even though we LOVE The Vamps original music they are pretty awesome at covering songs of other boy bands. In 2013 they not only covered “Walks Like Rihanna” by yet another British boy band, The Wanted, but they released a music video for the rendition. It’s a simple music video, but we have NO problem watching the guys singing outside no matter what the song.

6. Selena Gomez — Who says BFFs can’t be musical rivals? In January 2013, Selena performed at the 3rd Annual Acoustic Charity Concert that benefited UNICEF and after playing her own songs she decided to cover one of Taylor Swift‘s most iconic songs. Sel sang “I Knew You Were Trouble” while sitting on a stool as she drew the entire crowd into her performance. She also covered “You Belong With Me” by her bestie during a 2010 concert and it was great, obviously.

7. Demi Lovato — Both Demi and Ariana Grande have powerhouse voices, so they are easily each other’s biggest competition when it comes to skill set, genre and age bracket. That’s why it was a little bit shocking when Demi covered “Bang Bang” by Ari in 2014. The most interesting part is that it was actually at a Jessie J concert in San Jose, California. The British singer is one of the other singers on the original track, in case you didn’t know. For the record Dems killed it.

8. Austin Mahone — Back in 2011, before Austin was a major hit himself, he covered Cody Simpson‘s tune, “On My Mind.” The acoustic song is mesmerizing and it features a baby Austin with braces. Yep, he had braces and recorded this song while he was in his room. He was SO freaking young and ridiculously talented.

9. Austin Mahone — At 14 years old, a brace-faced Austin chose to cover his future competition, Justin Bieber’s popular song, “Never Say Never.” It was epic to say the least, but it isn’t the only time Austin covered on of JB’s songs. He has also performed “Baby” by a fire (very romantic) and did his own rendition of “Mistletoe.” It’s pretty safe to say that Austin’s hair wasn’t the only thing that screamed Biebs about him when he began his career.

10. Drake — The “Hotline Bling” singer covered not one, but two Kanye West songs during one of his concerts in 2015. Drake was perfect in his rendition of Kanye’s “Only One” which eventually lead into him performing “Four Five Seconds” at his New York City concert. The slower jams were great additions to his setlist and the crowd was singing along the whole time.

11. Drake — Sometimes covering someone’s song can be a dig at the artist and their ex and Drake is guilty of that exact kind of cover song. When Drake performed at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in 2014 he decided to cover Chris Brown‘s “Loyal” with the help of his girlfriend at the time, Nicki Minaj. Chris’ song was originally written about Rihanna, who was both Chris and Drake’s ex. Yikes! To listen, click here.

Instagram (@champagnepapi)

Instagram (@champagnepapi)

12. Chance the Rapper — In Chance the Rapper’s case covering Kayne West’s song “Family Business” was the biggest form of flattery. At the Summer Ends Music Festival in 2015, the rapper along with The Social Experiment performed Kanye’s song after Chance the Rapper revealed he had just become a father! To watch the performance, click here.

Instagram (@chancetherapper)

Instagram (@chancetherapper)

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