8 Amazing Singers Who Apologized After Their Awful Performances

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Whenever an artist performs at an event, there is immense pressure to provide a flawless performance that lives up to the expectations of the public. This pressure is even greater for live shows, when an artist only has one chance to deliver a performance that will have everyone in the audience and on social media buzzing. There’s no room for error, and since a live show follows a precise time schedule, there’s no possibility of cutting off the song and starting over.

With performances, almost anything can go wrong. A musician might sing in the wrong key, trip while on stage, catch on fire (we’re looking at you, Michael Clifford), or sing a note that makes the viewers cringe. Although these artists are extremely talented, they all have the potential to mess up at some point — including those who are self-proclaimed perfectionists. Whether these screw-ups occur at a major awards show or a pre-taped event, they certainly don’t go unnoticed. Sometimes, even the artist will call out their own disappointing performance. From Adele to Luke Hemmings, click through the gallery below to check out artists who criticized their own concerts: