8 Singers Who Were Dropped From Their Labels After Album Flops

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What’s the number one way, as a musician, to prove that you are doing well professionally and that everyone loves you? Well, these days, that information lies in the number of concert tickets you can peddle off to your fans. But before you even think about touring, you’ve got to first prove that you can sell the music that you hope to perform on intercontinental stages. And, if you can’t complete the (not-so-simple, after all) task of selling a satisfactory number of album, we can promise you that the record label who previously signed you will quickly lose interests in what you’ve got to offer.

Don’t believe us? (Which, frankly, is fair, since we’ve never been signed to any labels, record or otherwise.) Well, maybe you’ll take these eight singers’ words for it, considering the fact that, after their albums were met with dismal sales, they were unceremoniously dropped from their respective record labels: