5 Musicians Who Covered their Famous Ex’s Song After Breaking Up

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The best part about being a musician is getting the opportunity to write songs that express exactly how you’re feeling. How else do you think people like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have gotten through tough breakups!? But when two singers date and then call it quits, there’s almost a guarantee that there will eventually be a music battle of each side of of the story. Joe Jonas’ “Much Better” vs. Tayor’s “Forever and Always.” Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things” vs. Nick Jonas’Wedding Bells.” The list goes on and on. And sometimes, artists go a step FURTHER than most and actually cover one of their famous ex’s songs after breaking up! Now that’s confidence! For example…

1. Nick Jonas — Shortly after Nick and his first love rekindled their romance in June 2009, the former Jonas Brother showed fans that there were no hard feelings between him and his ex. The now-23-year-old singer belted out an acoustic version of “The Climb” in early 2010 while on tour with The Administration, much to all Niley fans’ excitement. So. Good!

2. Naya Rivera — What’s more awkward then covering your ex’s song? Covering a song your ex sings with his current girlfriend. Just ask Naya, who was forced to belt Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea’s “Problem” for an episode of Glee, which just so happened to feature her former fiance Big Sean. Hey, it could’ve been worse; the epi could’ve called for a glee-club performance of “I Don’t F*** With You!”

3. Ellie Goulding — Even though we know they had sex together in the same hotel that Ed Sheeran was staying in, we’re still not 100 percent sure Ellie and Niall Horan were ever more than just hookup buddies. That being said, we don’t think it makes Ellie’s rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” any less awkward, especially since she was put on the spot to cover it on live radio!

4. Demi Lovato — Okay, okay…we know Demi isn’t technically covering her once-rumored 1D boyfriend’s song “Midnight Memories” here, but COME ON! Look how into the performance she is — she knows every single word! If we were Niall Horan, we’d be DY-ING that our celeb crush straight up stole the performance.

5. Halsey — While it was never confirmed that Ashley Frangipane (aka Halsey) and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin officially dated, their cute messages back and forth leave fans to think otherwise. From 2013, Ash squared posted various flirty pictures and messages, which basically proves that something happened before each party blew up in Hollywood. While the timeline of Haley’s cover of “Out of My Limit” is a bit foggy, it seems that she posted her version of 5SOS’ debut single after she and Ashton first met.

*Honorable mention: Joe Jonas — After being besties, dating, breaking up, and subsequently losing touch, all Jemi fans were thrilled when Joe and Demi Lovato began to rekindle their (platonic) relationship not too long ago. So, yes; we know “This Is Me” is Joe and Demi’s mutual song, but Joe was the face of Camp Rock, so we’re gonna say it was technically more his.

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