YouTuber Says Goodbye to Followers After Mental & Eating Disorder Reveal

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“Life’s just gotten to the point of falling asleep crying and waking up crying.”

This has certainly been a year to remember for YouTuber Vanessa Gabriela Martinez (a.k.a. Simplynessa15). In the past 365 days, the social media star came out as bisexual in an emotionally-charged video, opened up about the man who tried to rape her (who, later, found her and physically attacked her) and, now, is saying goodbye to her followers for some of the most difficult reasons.

According to VGM, in a video titled “Goodbye,” she’s taking a break from her channel — maybe for a month, maybe for longer — but not because she’s giving up on YouTube… because she’s, in her own words, “starting to give up on life.” No, she claims that that doesn’t mean she’s gonna kill herself, but she does say that “life’s just gotten to the point of falling asleep crying and waking up crying, and I always have this pain in my chest that, like, it runs through my entire body and it makes all of my, like, nerves just, like, sting. And I feel that all the time.”

“I try to fill the void by hanging out with friends and going out and doing things,” she continues. However, she finds herself “staring at wall, not having a good time” when she does so.

“I suffer from really bad anxiety, I’m depressed… I have a really bad eating disorder.”

“I admit to it, but I still do it,” she says of her anorexia. “I haven’t eaten in 3 days.”

While this won’t be her last video — she, at the very least, still has video with Bretman Rock going up tomorrow that she won’t flake on — it’s one of the last she plans to have. Hopefully, she finds what she needs, and gets help during this difficult time.
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