12 Signs You’re More Socially Awkward Than You Ever Thought Possible

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If there’s one thing ladies such as Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and even Zooey Deschanel‘s New Girl alter ego, Jess, have in common, it’s their socially awkward personalities. Don’t get us wrong, we love ’em all to death; in fact, it’s because of their imperfect traits that we heart them oh so much. But to show you exactly which characteristics we’re referring to, here are 12 surefire signs you’re more socially awkward than you ever thought possible:

1. Public speaking freaks the heck out of you. Especially in front of a group of strangers; tongue-tied doesn’t even begin to describe you.

2. This is a normal interaction between you and your crush:

Tumblr (fangirl3001blog10)

Tumblr (fangirl3001blog10)

3. You randomly break out into song to fill the silence. Even when you’re by yourself.

4. When out with your friends, running into their friends is a terrifying experience. Do you hug ’em or shake their hands or just stand there and smile? So. Freaking. Frustrating.

5. Among the list of your nervous ticks includes nail biting and eye twitching. Fact.

Tumblr (miscgifs)

Tumblr (miscgifs)

6. To say you’re a klutz would be the understatement of the century. Think KStew at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards-status.

7. The whole flirting thing… It’s not your strong suit.

8. Oh, and forget about dancing. If you find yourself pulling out dance moves your parents are familiar with, you need to stop. ASAP.

…or if they start to resemble Taylor Swift‘s moves.

9. No one laughs at your (attempt at) jokes. But they all sound great in your head.

10. Making eye contact is a constant struggle. “Wait, what’s that over there?” *looks away quickly*

Tumblr (keepongifing)

Tumblr (keepongifing)

11. There’s no elegant way of eating. How do people NOT spill all over themselves?

12. Okay, bye. *Voldemort hugs*

Tumblr (stayifyoudare)

Tumblr (stayifyoudare)

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