15 Signs Your Sister is Your Best Friend

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People born with a sister (or sisters!) are lucky — they have a best friend built into their lives from the start! Sisters simply have a bond that can’t be explained, and no number of silly arguments, harmless wrestling matches or eye rolls can get in the way of that.

Whether you’ve been BFFs from the start or had to take some time to build your relationship to the point where it is now, here are some surefire signs your sister is your absolute best friend in the universe:

1. When something good happens to you, she’s the first one you want to tell. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small.

2. She’ll always be honest with you, even if the truth hurts your feelings. LBR, you need this in your life.

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3. No matter how angry you are with each other, you’d drop everything if the other person needed you. Fights don’t matter when someone you love is in trouble.

4. Family gatherings are always fun. Because let’s face it — you two can make anything fun.

5. And so are road trips. You never dread going on a long road trip with your parents ’cause she’ll be there with you.



6. You can make each other crack up with just one look. That’s all it takes for you to be a laughing mess!

7. She’s seen you at your worst, so judgement is never something you have to worry about. Your sister is one of the only people you feel totally comfortable looking a hot mess in front of.

8. Your fights last all of 10 minutes. No matter how intense the screaming match it, you’re totally over it in the next breath.

9. Sharing clothes/shoes/accessories is a given. You no longer have to even ask before you grab a shirt out of her closet.

10. She’s been your partner-in-crime since you can remember. Sorry, parents!

11. Somehow you just know when you should go along with a story. Even if your sis hasn’t filled you in on what’s going on, you somehow can always figure out when to cover for her.

12. People get annoyed because they never know what you’re talking about. It’s not your fault that you two have endless inside jokes!

13. You trust her opinion more than anyone else’s. This means you must talk to her before even thinking about making an important decision.

14. She always knows when you’re anxious/insecure/sad. While you can probably fool others, there’s no getting past her.

15. And most of all, you want nothing more than to see her happy. If she’s happy, you’re happy!



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