16 Surefire Signs You’ve Got a Serious Case of Senioritis

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Somewhere around the second half of my second semester of senior year, I decided I’d had enough. I was finished. I was, as they say, so freaking done. My motivation — to finish my homework, show up to classes on time, do literally the most minuscule tasks that I’d previously had no issue doing — used to be pretty high, but waned to an impossibly teensy-tiny level. I was already enrolled in college, after all, so the thought of doing high school work felt so unbelievably trivial that, well, I kind of just… stopped. Fortunately, it was pretty harmless — I remembered that colleges have the power to rescind admission if you fail all of your classes (or if, you know, you literally just stop showing up to school), so I got my act together at the last minute.

I’m definitely not the only one who’s experienced this intense senioritis — if you are a high school senior too, you might be able to relate to this. In fact, you might be able to relate to this at pretty much any stage of your schooling career — it can be hard for anyone to muster up an appropriate amount of enthusiasm for tests and research papers during the final few months of school, when thoughts of the beach and hanging out by the pool start to feel much more interesting than any study guide about the reasons for the Gold Rush of 1849 or whatever. Feel like your motivation’s slacking a little, too?

Check out the surest signs that, no matter what grade you’re in, you’re definitely experiencing some sort of senioritis:

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