10 Signs You’re Over Your (Now Former) Favorite TV Show

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If every bearded wise old man on TV and in movies is to be believed, all good things must come to an end. And the same is even more true for things that used to be good, but now are sort of bleh. And, while it’s never fun saying goodbye to something you used to find more important than sleep, work and a social life on some occasions, when you’re over it, you just are.

But maybe you’re not sure yet if that emptiness (see: boredom) you’ve been carrying around after you watch your favorite TV show means it’s the end of the road. Let’s assure you that, when you start to notice these ten surefire signs, you’re probably over it already.

1. You’ve stopped gushing about it to friends. It’s always the first sign of trouble.

Cassie Steele Gushing Adorable

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2. You no longer live-tweet it. Because, yeah, you guess it’s important. But it just isn’t Number One these days.

Live Tweeting Internet Big Bang Theory

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3. And your DVR is piling up with unwatched episodes. There used to be a time when you’d cancel plans with the Pope to watch the newest episodes of the show. Now, maybe the Pope could spring plans on you the day of and you’d choose them over staying in and catching up.

Charlie St Cloud I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

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4. You’ve lost track of what’s happening in the season. Carelessly missing an episode here and there has begun to take its toll.


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5. You’re never left on the edge of your seat at the ends of episodes anymore. “Soo… that’s it” is a thing you find yourself asking a lot these days.

Orlando Bloom That's Not Good Enough

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6. Plot twists kind of annoy, instead of excite, you. Maybe they’ve started making less sense, but also maybe you just don’t care about the characters as much as before.

7. You’ve stopped counting the days until a new episode airs. Which is probably normal, except for the fact that the exact opposite used to be true.

Lea Michele New Year's Eve Countdown

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8. You don’t feel like defending it when someone criticizes it. Before, talking badly about the BEST SHOW EVER within earshot of you was like a challenge to an Old Western-style duel. But now, you can almost see where critics are coming from.

9. You switch channels on commercial breaks and don’t panic when you don’t turn back in time. What’s 5 minutes to an episode that’s been dragging on for what feels like two hours?

10. You start eyeing a new show in the same time slot without guilt. And then it’s all over and all that will be left will be the memories.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Don Jon Try Something New

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