8 Surefire Signs You’re the Spencer Hastings of Your Friends

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Pretty Little Liars is back with brand-new episodes — who’s freaking pumped for Season 5?? — so we’re hitting you with all of the best ideas (*pats self on back*) for PLL, including a game, what you’re probably sick of hearing, surprising facts, plus these eight surefire signs signs you’re the Spencer Hastings of your group of friends:

1. You try to keep your emotions in check. Holding back tears isn’t easy, but you really try.

2. You’re full of never-ending pearls of wisdom. EXAMPLE:

Tumblr (centerofattentionn)

Tumblr (centerofattentionn)

3. NEVER mess with your friends. Because that’s like asking for a butt-whoopin’.

4. You’re definitely NOT perfect. Hey, nobody is.

5. Calling friends out on their dumb shiz is your strong suit. If people stopped saying stupid things, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

Snark Squad

Snark Squad

6. Oh, and let’s not forget the sarcasm. Classic.

Tumblr (pllgifs)

Tumblr (pllgifs)

7. Okay, so there has been a time or two where you’ve fallen for the wrong person. You can’t help it!

8. Lastly, you’re the most intelligent of the group. Duh.

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