10 Surefire Signs You’re the Mona Vanderwaal of Your Friends

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Wikia (Degrassi)

Wikia (Degrassi)

I’m sorry if I spoil this for you, but there’s no way you avoided the news that Mona Vanderwaal died on the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. I was totally shocked because Mona was one of the best characters! She was finally redeeming herself from being the original A! It goes to show that no one is safe though.

Mona was becoming one of my favorites. Despite the fact that she was actually insane (Really, how did she get out of Radley?), Mona had some really great qualities. I know she tried to run Hanna over with a car, but she was a good friend sometimes. Murderous tendencies aside, here are ten ways to tell if you’re the Mona of your friends:

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