16 Signs You’re Completely Obsessed with Pinterest

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In 2010, Pinterest was launched and DIY crafts and creative recipes finally found their rightful place in the world. A whole website was created so that arts-and-crafts fans, amateur chefs and fashionistas could store all their ideas and future projects in an organized location? Brilliant!

That being said, five years later, Pinterest still one of the most popular sites out there and people (probably you) aren’t afraid to admit that they’re super obsessed with it. And to be honest, there’s nothing with it, folks! Thanks to Pinterest, you’re a total pundit in all things beauty, design and culinary-related, and you wear that badge proudly. You probably have tabs on the cutest Pretty Little Liars outfits, most gorgeous holiday hairstyles and the best recipes for guacamole.

On that note, how addicted to Pinterest are you? Here are 16 symptoms you may be experiencing:

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