11 Surefire Signs You’re Already Over School This Year

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Over It

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For more students, it usually doesn’t take long to get burned out when it comes to school. Between being up super early every day, juggling all of your assignments and studying for exams, your brain gets fried pretty early on.

Weirdly enough, we’re feeling like that time has come really early this year. And, if you’re already going through these 11 things, you’re probably over this school year even though it’s barely begun:

1. Waking up on time is impossible. Seven alarms set per morning? Check. Oversleeping and showing up late for class? Double-check.

2. You’ve taken to doing the bare minimum. “How many pages of this 30-page reading assignment do I actually need to read?”

But It's Hard

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3. Your participation is already declining. Because you’re so bored in class that you keep accidentally daydreaming.

I'm Not Raising My Hand

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4. Coffee has become your lifeblood. Otherwise, it’s impossible to stay awake throughout the day. Excitement for knowledge just isn’t cutting it.

5. You’ve already started procrastinating. Raise your hand if you’ve already started calculating how many hours of sleep you were losing because you had to stay up late to finish an assignment.

6. Sparknotes has saved your life a few times so far. Sparknotes is usually a worst-case-scenario BFF. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

7. You sympathize with the seniors, no matter what year you are. Senioritis is real and it affects everyone.

I Don't Care

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8. You haven’t gotten legit dressed for school in weeks. Leggings and a hoodie? Yes and even more yes.

9. Your notes are a mess. That level of chaos is usually saved for when your exams are out of control. But the storm’s already begun.

10. Sunday nights are full of dread. “Noooo, I’ll do anything not to have to go to school tomorrow.”

Sunday Night

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11. You’re already planning winter AND spring break. And your plans include blissful things like getting full night’s sleeps and relaxation.


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