6 Signs You’re Definitely Not Ready to Leave High School

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The end of the school year is approaching, and for seniors, that means it’s almost time to leave high school… forever. Those so-called “best years of your life” are coming to an end, and you’re either excited to see what the future holds, or you feel a daunting sense of dread. In a way, I can relate to the latter. I’ve always looked at time as an enemy, a nasty little reminder of how short life’s moments could be. By middle school, I was anxiously fretting over how many years I had left at my school, with my friends and the familiarity, wondering how much time I had left to do or accomplish something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was worse by high school, when I would count down the years, months, days until I was done with school, forced to move onto the next big step: college.

I think a lot of us are afraid to admit that we’re a little freaked out about the monumental changes that await us after our graduation day. So, are you in high school — a senior or maybe even a junior — who is counting down your last days of high school with unyielding anxiety as opposed to excitement? Well, maybe you should check out these six surefire signs that you’re not emotionally prepared to leave high school:

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