11 Surefire Signs You’re Addicted to Snapchat

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There’s a difference between being a casual Snapchat user and a full-on addict. Some people can send and respond to a few snaps, update their story maybe once every few days. You know, the usual. But the people who are addicted to it are constantly all up in and around the app. The word “Snapchat” crosses their minds a crazy amount. And they’re always itching to put a little gray band across every picture. It gets pretty wild in the Snapchat fandom.

So, how do you know if you actually are addicted to Snapchat? Well, agreeing to everything on this list is one way.

1. Your Snapchat story is always at least a minute long. What can you say? The seconds add up.

2. You’ve become a pro at funny captions that fit in the allotted space. L33t speak is sometimes a sacrifice that you have to make.

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3. But you also know that, when you make the frame landscape, you can fit more character in the caption. The more you know!

4. You’re up to date on everyone’s Snapchat stories, even when they’re boring. Tapping-and-holding is like an involuntary motion that your fingers do all on their own, now.

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5. You don’t feel offended when someone opens your snap but doesn’t respond. You know it’s par for the course by now.

6. You know what each of the little icons to the left of your interactions means. It didn’t even take long for you to decode them, which is a little sad.

7. Your Snap score is through the roof. How is that thing even calculated?

8. “Yeah, I saw it in your Snap story” is a regular part of your conversations. Whoops.

9. You’ve been texting and snapping your best friend simultaneously before. And neither of you found it to be annoying.


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10. You panic if someone embarrassing makes it into your Snapchat BFFs. And then spend the next hour incessantly texting someone to replace them.

11. You had the app before everyone and will have it after everyone’s abandoned it. 2gether 4ever.

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