13 Signs Dorota Was the Real Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl Dorota Miss Blair

Sometimes it’s just easier to deny that Lonely Boy was behind the all-knowing and mighty Gossip Girl, amiright?

Instead, let’s pretend that Blair’s super loyal maid and sidekick Dorota was the secret power publisher — and to be honest, that would have been a better twist considering that Dorota was one of the most beloved characters throughout the show’s six seasons. Plus, it’s 100 percent believable that she could be behind the snark.

When you think back to the show, Dorota was literally at every event lingering in the background. She had all the intel she needed and everyone knew she was an avid fan of the site. Right?

So, on that note, here are 13 signs that Dorota totally had the means and capability of being the true gossip queen:

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