5 Signs He’s Totally Into You

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the guy you’re crushin’ on is feeling the same way, but with the help of our fave celeb couples, it’s easy to see exactly what a guy does when he wants to make you his. You’re a lucky, lucky girl, if….

1. He loves being close to you. When Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder hit up Coachella last month, Ian always had his arms wrapped around his girl. He just couldn’t get enough!


2. He tries to impress you. The first time Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet dated, they took a trip to Disneyland where Chord decided to show off a little and go on the scariest ride there. (Props for the brave move, but as for the “who-has-the-best-face” contest, we’re gonna have to go for the kid next to him.)


3. He feels comfortable around you. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are always seen out and about together, but they usually ditch the designer duds and feel comfy enough to just take it easy and not look all done-up.


4. He goes out of his way to do something special for you. Justin Bieber is constantly taking SelGo on romantic dates, but taking her to a private screening at a movie theater was def one of the cutest ways to show he cares (even if it did cost him over $3,000!).


5. He dresses like you without even realizing it. When Ashley Benson and Ryan Good hit up a Lakers game, they both wore matching leather jackets. Adorbs? Totally. Embarrassing after they saw the photos and realized they were matching? Yep.


What signs do you notice when a guy is crushin’ on you? Which of these celeb boyfs would you most want to have?

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