10 Sierra Burgess is a Loser Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Netflix has been killin’ it lately with the rom-coms. Let’s face it, though; the network’s success is due, largely, to everyone’s new boyfriend, Noah Centineo, which is a big reason why Sierra Burgess is a Loser is doing so well right now. The flick stars the 22-year-old heartthrob and Shannon Purser, who you may remember as Barb from Stranger Things. Again, Noah gives us unrealistic crush goals as football quarterback Jamey who Sierra tries to win over via a little catfishing.

Naturally, we wanted to know every dirty detail about this new movie, even though we’ve already watched it MULTIPLE times, so we cracked our knuckles and got to researching. Everyone knows that the film is pretty problematic, but what else went into creating Netflix’s latest on-screen adaptation? Keep scrolling to find out!