9 Pairs of Celebrity Siblings That Starred on Disney Channel Together

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Having siblings is both a blessing and a curse. There is a ton of bickering, fighting and pranking, but there is also a ton of laughter, hugs and love. As much as there are times that we absolutely cannot stand our sibs, we love them more than anything in the world. We would by lying if we said that we never thought about what it would be like to have a camera crew following us around like the KarJenners do on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, because we would definitely have a hit reality TV show on our hands. Being in the spotlight would be fun, but we are so glad that our family fights are not seen by millions of people.

While not all celebrity siblings are total BFFs, there are tons who get along so well that they actually want to work together. Whether they’re singing with each other on stage, starring on the same small-screen network, or even getting matching tattoos, these famous families are giving off some serious #siblinggoals.

It takes serious commitment to work with your sibs (that’s a LOT of time spent together), but we’re sure doing so on arguably the happiest network on the planet makes things way easier. Disney Channel not only creates some of our favorite fictional families (shout-out to the Russos and the McGuires!!), but also encourages real-life fam units to come together on the small screen.

Celebrity brothers and sisters have worked together on countless of our favorite DC shows, including Lizzie McGuire, Austin & Ally, Jonas, etc., as well as in Disney Channel Original Movies such as Twitches and Cow Bells. If you’re looking to see actual family bonds personalized on television, look no further than the channel created by Mickey Mouse himself!