14 Popular Sibling Music Groups That Have Sadly Disbanded

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If there’s one thing we’re impressed by, it’s when famous families work together. It’s no secret that living life in the spotlight is difficult, but add in having to be in it with your brothers and sisters and it can get a little crazy. There are tons of celebrity siblings that are vocal about not wanting to work together in order to preserve their relationship, but there are also a bunch of families that choose to share the limelight.

We love seeing celeb siblings get along, especially because we’re used to always hearing about broken relationships. It’s obvious that a family really gets along when its members decide to pursue music careers together. With music, you’re not only on set for a few hours a day; you’re in the studio, filming music videos, promoting music and going on tour together, usually for months at a time. We certainly don’t think we could get away with doing that with our sibs!

However, there are some downsides. While we can all think of at least one major family band that’s still in existence, we’ve realized that, more often than not, they end up disbanding over one thing or another. We rounded up all of the popular sibling music groups that have, unfortunately, called it quits… but at least their music will last forever!