10 Struggles All Shy People Will Understand

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Shy Guy

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Being shy isn’t always the worst thing. Lots of times, you’ll meet people who totally understand what it’s like to be a bit… withdrawn. And, as long as it isn’t ruining your life on a grand scale, it’s pretty manageable.

But still, there are certain things that shy people have to deal with that only other shy people can sympathize with. These ten things, to be specific:

1. Keeping the same group of friends because it’s a hassle to make new ones. No new friends or whatever.

2. Making it through an entire conversation without saying a word. It’s a fine skill, really.

Sit Here Quietly

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3. People assuming that you think that you’re better than them. When that’s not the case at all.

I Don't Want To Talk

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4. Stupid, intense butterflies. That show up before you have to interact with any stranger of any kind.

5. Public speaking being your biggest nightmare. Good luck during your freshman year of college when that class is mandatory!

6. People forgetting you’re in the room because you’re often so quiet. “Nope, I’m still here. I’m just way, way over here.”

Still Here

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7. Trying to master confident eye contact without coming off as creepy. It’s a fine line, TBH.

Eye Contact

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8. Dreading the phrase: “We’re going to play an icebreaker game.” How about no, never ever?

9. Small talk in general being the actual worst. What do you say to someone you don’t even know?!


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10. Groupwork. Hellooo, never getting your ideas across because it’s hard for you to speak up!

I Hate You All

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