Shut Up! Cartoons Premieres ‘Oishi High School Battle’… And It’s Kind Of Awesome

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Think being a teenager is rough on its own? Well, if you’re the daughter of a space-demon hunter whose job got passed down to you, trust us, it’s wayyyyy more challenging. Locker won’t open? No worries, just use your battle powers. Cute boy tries to talk to you? Oops, you accidently whip out your swords.

For Oishi, balancing time between kicking demon-butt and being a normal teenager is tough, but in The Crush (Oishi Battle #1), you’ll see how she makes it work…er, well, at least tries. Check out the premiere episode of Oishi High School Battle below and be sure to tune in to Shut Up Cartoons‘ Youtube channel later today to watch episode 2. Already loving Oishi High School Battle? Be sure to ‘like’ the show on Facebook and follow Oishi on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates about all things OHSB!

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