7 T.G.I.F. Shows You Probably Forgot About Until Right Now

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One of the best things about Fridays back in the day was ABC's phenomenal T.G.I.F. line up. Everybody remembers the popular shows that ran during that time — a la Full House, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc — but there were some other shows that came and went throughout the years that you probably forgot about.

Well, forget no more as we've rounded up seven shows you probably forgot existed until this very moment for this week's Flashback Friday. Check them out below!

1. You Wish

Ran from: September 26, 1997 – June 23, 1998

Plot: A family unexpected has a genie come into their life after buying an old rug.

2. Teen Angel

Ran from: September 26, 1997 – February 13, 1998

Plot: Follows a teenager whose best friend dies after eating an expired hamburger on a dare. However, the friend comes back and serves as his guardian angel.

3. Odd Man Out

Ran from: September 24, 1999 – January 7, 2000

Plot: Centers on the trials and tribulations of a teen boy who lives in a house full of women.

4. On Our Own

Ran from: September 13, 1994 – April 14, 1995

Plot: This show focused on a family with seven brothers and sisters who lose their parents and are raised by their older brother.

5. Aliens in the Family

Ran from: March 15, 1996 – August 31, 1996

Plot: A family who interacts with aliens, what else? PS, yes that is Hayden Panettiere in the clip. James van der Beek was also on an episode.

6. Baby Talk

Ran from: March 8, 1991 – May 8, 1992

Plot: Centers on the thoughts of a baby as he experiences the world. It was loosely based on the popular Looking Who's Talking movies. George Clooney was even on it at one point!

7. Brother's Keeper

Ran from: September 25, 1998 – May 14, 1999

Plot: A widower has his unmotivated brother move in with him to help raise his 8-year-old son.

Do you remember any of these? What was your fave T.G.I.F. shows? Tell us in the comments!

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