25 Fashion Problems You’ll Only Understand If You’re Short

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Measuring in at just about 5’0″, I am a short girl… or petite, if you want, because that sounds nicer. I’ve written about my short girl struggles before, but the fashion issues that come along with my height just deserve more recognition, simply because they are so freakin’ frustrating.

Truthfully, I don’t mind being short. I mean, yeah, I’d take an extra inch or two if I could, but overall I’m really okay with my height. However, this mindset always changes whenever I’m shopping or trying on clothes. It seems like the fashion industry only makes clothing for one type of person sometimes, and that person is not me, or my fellow shorties. It makes finding the perfect outfit just a little bit harder, which is pretty annoying. Maybe ranting about it will make me feel better? So, here are 25 fashion problems you’ll only understand if you’re short. I feel you. Trust me.

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