11 Problems All Short-Haired Girls Understand

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Having a short haircut comes with loads of perks. Like, for example, the fact that you could wake up 10 minutes before you need to be out of the house if you wanted because you don’t have to actually do much to your hair. But on the other end of that are all of the many struggles that come with having short hair. And, basically, the shorter you go, the more you suffer.

But don’t let that stop you from waving your pixie (or bob or buzzcut or whatever) flag high! Just know that we totally feel you when it comes to these 11 unfortunate side effects of keeping a short ‘do.

1. Ponytails don’t exist in your realm. “Take me as your prisoner, hot summer days.”


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2. Online hair guides forget all about you. “Sure, I’d love to do that 16-string french braid… if I had 16 strands to spare!”

3. Hats make your hair go all flippy. And we don’t mean cute-flippy, if that’s what you’re thinking.

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4. Split ends are a much bigger deal. Probably because they’re closer to your face, so they’re just begging to be noticed.

5. Humid days turn you into an insta-cotton ball. Ugh, goodbye.

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6. Constant haircuts to keep things even. A long, shaggy look is a style; a short, shaggy pixie is almost always a disaster.

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7. People telling you that you look like a boy. Or, what they think is more sensitively, that you’d “look so much prettier with longer hair.”

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8. Running out of hair product is a death sentence. And will result in you either looking like a wild animal until you get more, or canceling all of your plans to go re-stock at the drugstore.

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9. One word: regrowth. Two more words: uneven mess.

10. There are limited style options. Unless you are very creative and very, very patient.

11. Getting a bad haircut and it being the first thing that people notice. It’s a bad situation on its own, but is so much worse when you’ve got no way to hide it.

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