14 SUPER Easy Updo Hacks & Tutorials Perfect for Girls with Short Hair

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It may seem impossible to get your short locks into anything other than your classic hair-down ‘do, but it’s actually easier than you thought. Sure, updos are usually reserved for formal events like prom, but who says you can’t amp up your New Year’s Eve party style with your hair off your face?? Learn now to turn your bob into a GORGEOUS updo with the help of these hacks, tips and tricks:

1. Put a twist (no pun intended) on a classic low bun by adding a few hair twists to the mix:

2. You can start that same twisting motion at the top of your head and come away with something like this:

3. Create three low ponytails, wrap them into messy buns and voila!



4. Not good at French braids but love the look? Here’s a take on the style that’s SUPER easy to do and perfect for short hair:

5. Speaking of braids, put your hair into a low braid and pin it up to take a simple ‘do into something more chic:

6. Curly hair girls, this one’s for you!

7. A faux-hawk may seem like a tough style to create, especially with short hair, but with a little practice you’ll have it down in no time!

8. A few strategically placed buns are all you need to make this updo that looks like it took WAY more effort:

9. Here’s how to do a modern interpretation on the classic French twist:

10. Wrapping two braids around a regular ballerina bun is a great way to make the style look a little more formal.

11. Instead of putting a headband around your head and wrapping your hair around that, you can do it all without the help of any accessories.



12. Remember the three-ponytail ‘do from before? This is the same thing with braids!

13. Who knew twisting your hair a few times could turn into this??

14. Simply pin two French braids together for this ‘do:

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