17 WTF YouTube Star Moments You Still Can’t Believe Happened in 2017

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YouTubers have to be dramatic; it’s basically in their job description. If Tana Mogeau and Alissa Violet want to convince millions of fans to subscribe to their channels, watch each video, and follow along with every aspect of their lives on social media, entertainment is KEY — that’s why pranks and “do it for the Vine” vids have become so popular over the years! Because if a YT upload isn’t making us gasp, there are like a million shows we could binge on Netflix that can shock us instead.

Basically, that’s the high standard we hold all of our fave YouTubers to. Just this year, we were absolutely shook when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris got divorced out of nowhere, and it wasn’t even a week ago when Selena Gomez casually had Justin Bieber chilling at her house. With bombs like that dropping from the big names, YouTube stars have to bring it in the news department.

So it’s a good thing we weren’t let down this year, at least when it comes to keeping us guessing. With so many back-to-back crazy announcements, following YouTube stars in 2017 started to feel more like following a freaking soap opera. If it wasn’t a cheating scandal, it was a major hack or a pair of handcuffs. And the best part was, not all of the most unbelievable WTF moments involved the Paul brothers — although a lot did, as you’d probably expect.

There were so many different YouTubers participating in this year’s drama, so we’ll be the first to admit that keeping up was far from easy. That’s why we decided to round up every WTF-moment that happened in YT land in 2017 for you. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything! You can thank us later…