The 10 Biggest WTF Moments on Television in 2015

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One of the only ways that TV keeps us hooked and coming back is by shocking the living daylights out of us on occasion. Sure, sometimes we love the cast so much that we wish we were its memebers’ plus-one. And, yeah, hate-watching a show long after it’s lost its appeal is totally a thing.

But, mostly, viewers return each week for the constant thrills and cliffhangers. And, boy, did 2015 deliver heaping servings of both of those, with a little misleading plot elements for a hearty dessert.

In fact, as we’re writing this, we’re not sure about the fates of about half of our favorite TV shows. What about you? Have you been left reeling after a particularly shocking TV episode this year? These 10 super-shocking 2015 TV moments were the ones that really got us going. WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!