7 Bombshells That Conveniently Broke Right Before a Kardashian Premiere

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Just when it seems that the Kardashians can’t get any more calculated, they always manage to drop yet another SHOCKING bombshell on us. And if you think this strategy is one that they’ve just begun using, you would be wrong. Season after season, for a whopping 10 years, our ~favorite~ reality TV fam has been spilling MAJOR tea prior to each season premiere. Coincidence? We think not!

So who’s responsible for these brilliant marketing ploys that rake in millions of viewers each episode? None other than your favorite reality TV mom-ager, Kris Jenner. And if you’ve ever paid close enough attention, you would’ve caught on to the family’s painstakingly obvious marketing pattern.

First, they wait for just the right moment (approximately 1-4 weeks) to leak a story that sets our Twitter feeds on fire. Next, they refuse to confront the “rumors,” many of which they’ve likely started themselves. And lastly, they tease fans by requiring that they watch the show in order to find out all of the nitty-gritty details.

While it’s true that OG fans of E!’s most famous reality family can often get frustrated when they decide to strategically withhold information, there’s no denying that the formula works well for them and their bank accounts. But, if for some reason you’re skeptical about our findings, check out these seven bombshells that conveniently broke right before a season premiere — like Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy!