15 Celebrity Breakups That Shocked the Crap Out of Everyone This Year

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In the real world, you can only see a breakup coming from a distance about half of the time, and that’s provided that the relationship was openly and overtly terrible. Otherwise, it’s a pretty difficult thing to call. In celebrity world, that percentage sharply decreases to a cool 10% of the time, in cases of couples that truly never made sense together. But it isn’t even a thought that our favorite gorgeous and adorably-in-love celebrity couples will break up at some point.

2015 changed that way of thinking forever; it stomped all over it and then spat on it for good measure. Because our poor, fragile hearts experienced (secondhand) heartbreak time and time again over these 12 months, as we watched as each of our most beloved famous pairs split up, one after another.

There were older celebrity splits, like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, which happened around the same time as that between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (which left Gwen and Blake free to date one another, LOL). But there were also devastating splits between younger stars that we all care so deeply about, like these 15: