Shocker! Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Is Headed To Rehab

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In case you couldn’t tell, that headline was sarcastic. Like, majorly. Because after Amber Portwood‘s suicide attempt last week, it’s only natural that her next step in the process is rehab. Oy, poor baby Leah.

So, what’d Amber have to say about her impending (not to mention much-needed) treatment?

Amber said:

“I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression. I’m on medication at the moment and to just help me relax. I’m in a vulnerable state right now and I know people want a lot of answers.”

We hope Amber gets well soon and doesn’t lose custody of baby Leah! Do you think it’s good she’s going to rehab? Do you hope they show her road to rehab on the new season of Teen Mom? Dish here!