10 Celebs We’d Prefer Stay Shirtless On-Screen

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While we love seeing guys in movies showing off their adorable faces acting abilities, nothing beats a shirtless cutie. Come on, we didn’t go see John Carter just for the cool action scenes! Guys work so hard to get those muscles, we should at least be able to enjoy them for more than a few minutes, right? Here’s some hotties we wish would show more skin more often.

Ryan Gosling
When Ryan takes his shirt off, there’s collective disappointment when he puts it back on. We think that’s reason enough for him to flaunt his killer physique 24/7.


Zac Efron
Zac is the definition of hottie with a body. If you’ve got the full package why not show it off?!

New Line Cinema

Kellan Lutz
Kellan goes from gorgeous to sexy the minute he takes his shirt off. ‘Nuff said.

Relativity Media

Chris Hemsworth

The second Chris shows some skin, the entire movie theater goes quiet taking in the sight of his perfectly-sculpted bod. There’d be limited movie interruptions if he just kept that shirt off all the time.


Liam Hemsworth
Good looks clearly run in the family. We’d love to see a shirtless brotherly collab!

Touchstone Pictures

Channing Tatum
We only go see Channing’s movies in hopes that we’ll get a glimpse of his six-pack. Those abs really work wonders at the box office.

Relativity Media

Taylor Kitsch
We’re not sure why he can’t wear regular clothes on Mars, but we’re not complaining!


Taylor Lautner
If you’re team Jacob, we know why. We could totally wash our clothes on those bad boys.

Summit Entertainment

Chris Evans
Just look at those muscles! We vote more screen time, less shirt time for Chris.


Justin Timberlake
He makes us laugh with his cute and witty remarks, and makes us swoon when he takes his shirt off. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Screen Gems

Who would you like to see shirtless more often? Think we picked the right guys? Let us know in the comments!