Hot New TV Trend: Shirtless Guys!

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Last night’s episode of Glee was pretty scandalous — The Rocky Horror Picture Show is pretty risque, after all. But we’re not complaining that last night’s ep was just a wee bit PG-13 rated. OK, what we’re really getting at here is that we loved that the guys were shirtless. Like, really shirtless. Sam, Finn, Mr. Schue — there was a whole lotta eye candy. And we bet you didn’t mind the hotties flashing those six-pack abs of theirs either, did ya?

Didn’t think so! And it turns out the gleeks aren’t the only ones to strip for the silver screen. From Vampire Diaires to those hotties out at West Beverly High, these dudes take it off. And we love it. It was a hard job looking through all these pics of shirtless guys and finding the hottest ones, but someone‘s gotta do it! You can thank us later…