From Our BFFS: Are You Excited to See Shia LaBeouf (And Random Hot Chick) in Transformers 3?

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Because to say that we’re looking forward to seeing Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers 3 is a total understatement. Uh, can July 1 come right now please?! [Just Jared]

Wait..could one Dancing With the Stars contestant be collabing with Justin Bieber? Ok, this has to happen. [Wetpaint]

And in other amazing collabs news: Nicki Minaj. And Britney Spears. On tour. To Ticket Master we go! [Hollywire]

Lucy Hale reveals her biggest fear ever! And, shockingly, it doesn’t involve the creepy guys in Rosewood whatsoever. [Seventeen]

Oh no! Which Twilight-er is Kristen Stewart reportedly feuding with? As long as it’s not Rob Pattinson we don’t care (that much)… [4tnz!]

Take a listen to the soundtrack to the new Disney flick, Lemonade Mouth! It’s totally the new High School Musical but, like, with lemonade. And stuff. [JSYK]

Katy Perry may have tamed hubby Russell Brand, but did Russell Brand corrupt Katy Perry?! [Posh24]

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