Shia LaBeouf: “Bieber Is Bomb” (Video)

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Well, we guess there’s absolutely no jealousy a brewin’ between Shia Labeouf and Justin Bieber after Selena posted that so-cute-yet-slightly-embarrassing vid of her meeting LaBeouf, her celeb crush. Because while promoting Transformers 3 on Jimmy Kimmel, Shia had nothing but nice things to say about the Biebs. Like that he’s “like a young prince” and “bomb.” And Selena? Clearly Shia’s a fan of hers, too…

Watch the vid below!

Ha! Do you think Shia and Selena should date? JK, clearly we know you all like her with Bieber. But do you think Jelena and Shia and his GF should double? Tell us below!