WTF?! One of Your OG Disney Channel Faves Arrested for Assault

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2017, it’s barely been four weeks, and you’re already killing us. Less than a month into the new year, and we’re already getting bad tastes in our mouths. The most recent reason: an OG Disney Channel star was arrested… for the sixth time.

Even Stevens alum Shia LaBeouf was reportedly hauled away in handcuffs during his anti-Donald Trump protest in NYC. According to TMZ, the 30-year-old actor got into an altercation with another protester for a currently unknown reason. Shia allegedly pulled the other man’s scarf, scratching him in the face in the process, and pushed him. He’s now facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

But all of this isn’t really new for the star, as he’s been incarcerated a handful of times before. “The first time I was only 9 years old,” he wrote in his essay, Error Breeds Sense. “It was in Pacoima, California. I was arrested for stealing a pair of Nike Cortezes from a local shop and held for six hours.”

“The second time I was 11, in the city of Tujunga, California,” he continued. “I was arrested for stealing a Gameboy Pokémon from Kmart. That time, too, I was in a substation for about six hours.”

“The third time I was 20, in Van Nuys, California. I tried to stab my neighbor and spent two days in jail. While I was there, I at least understood that being in jail is not the move,” he admitted. “It sucks a**.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t spell the end of his jail time. “The fourth time I was in Chicago and I wouldn’t leave Walgreen’s, so I was taken to spend the night in jail. For some reason, I had the best sleep ever,” he said.

“The most recent time was 2014, when I was 28 and in New York City. I went to see the play Cabaret. I didn’t behave very well during the performance and ended up spending 25 hours or so behind bars…” That time, he was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct, one count of criminal trespassing and one count of harassment after disrupting a performance of the then-Alan Cummings– and Michelle Williams-led show.
If you thought that was bad, wait ’til you read about these Disney Channel stars who were arrested for even worse offenses: