Shenae Grimes Wears Her Heart on Her…Face (Video)

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If we were to get a tattoo, it’d be a little baby heart on the inside of our wrist, so we totally see where Shenae Grimes‘ new little baby heart ink is coming from. But on her face? Really?

Nah, don’t worry. Shenae didn’t get a face tattoo — which is good because we’re sure the producers at 90210 would not appreciate that. She’s just wearing a heart because…

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Shenae is part of the Spread the Heart campaign, “where videos and other online initiatives” help out people suffering in Japan. Watch the vid below for more deets:

And all you gotta do is wear a heart on your cheek…and go to Spreadtheheart.com for more deets!

Do you think Shenae is a good rep for the brand? What are you doing to help Japan? Spill in the comments!