The Unexpected Reason Why Stiles & Malia Are Different from Other Couples

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We know that Teen Wolf is all about the werewolves and other supernatural creatures trying to protect and live safely in Beacon Hills, but why do you really tune in every week? For the romance, duh! Okay, maybe for the shirtless hotties that make up the Teen Wolf cast and all the nitty-gritty action, but the romance is definitely up there.

Whether you’re a Stydia shipper (Stiles Stilinski + Lydia Martin, obvs), a fan of Scott and Kira, lived for Sterek (Stiles + Derek Hale) or are rooting for Stiles & Malia Tate to live happily ever after, we know you are invested in at least one of the show’s relationships and all the drama that happens as a result on the MTV series.

Lucky for all you hopeless romantics out there, we had a chance to catch up with one half of the Stalia pairing and figured out why their relationship is the most unique. Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia, opened up to us about why she thinks Malia and Stiles are so good together. According to her, they are NOT your average couple and they definitely add to the diversity factor that Teen Wolf is so well known for these days.

“We don’t struggle with that. I think as far as Teen Wolf goes, we have a lot of diversity whether it’s sexuality, race, [or] strong females beating the sh*t out of men,” Shelley told us about what makes the show so diverse at the MTV press day last week.

“I mean, you’ve got Malia, who’s the big spoon, and you’ve got Stiles, who is the small spoon. If that’s not diverse, I don’t know what is. I think that’s what makes our show so great. What I also like about it is that in our Teen Wolf world no one questions that. It’s normal to them,” she added.

When talking about the show’s very diverse cast, she also revealed who wears the pants in the Stalia romance. “Malia is a good example — sorry, I keep going to that — but she’s the dude in that relationship, but it doesn’t mean that there’s a gay thing going on; we definitely have that as well [on the show]. We’re extremely diverse. We are,” Shelley explained.

Stiles is SO the small spoon and it’s one of the many reasons so many people love him, including Malia clearly. Plus, Malia’s tomboy approach to their relationship is why it worked for so long. Even though this couple has been through a lot during Season 5, it was clear on last week’s episode that Malia still has feelings for Stiles, and now her mother, the Desert Wolf even knows about it. Fingers crossed their romance won’t lead to Stiles being Desert Wolf’s next target!

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