Shaytards Make YouTube Return After Year-Long Hiatus from Vlogging

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Both Shay Carl and his wife, Colette “Katilette” Butler, have made their individual returns to YouTube following the cheating scandal that threatened to break up the popular Internet family, but the couple’s daily vlogging channel, the Shaytards, remained silent. The 38-year-old announced that the fam would be taking a year-long break from the Shaytards account prior to being exposed as a cheater, but after everything that happened we honestly didn’t think we’d ever see the Butler crew in a vlog-style video again. But good news — we were wrong!

Shay and Colette posted their first video to the Shaytards channel yesterday after not uploading anything to it since February 10, 2017 — that’s over a year of no vids, people!

“We are still working on a lot,” Shay starts the video. “We are not giving up on our relationship, or our marriage, or on our family. And it’s hard… we fail and we have really bad days and really good days.”

While it’s super exciting that the Shaytards channel is back in action, it’s important to note that things aren’t going to go back to exactly how they were when the Butlers were vlogging every day for years.

The 35-year-old explains, “Things are gonna be different now. It’s exciting and super scary at the same time.”

Shay, his wife and their children are “not promising a daily schedule,” but it appears that we can expect Shaytards vlogs at least occasionally from hereon out. The father of five concluded the return-vlog by addressing the many mistakes he made over the past year or so and apologizing to those who had no idea why he stopped posting videos so suddenly.

We aren’t sure what the future of the Shaytards looks like, but at this point anything is better than the nothing that’s been going on for the past 13 months.