1st Miley & James, Now Shay Mitchell’s the One to Post Disgusting Surgery Pics

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For a little while there, celebrities were allllll about oversharing. First, Miley Cyrus posted vom-worthy pictures of her wrist surgery. Then, The Vamps’ James McVey jumped on board and uploaded a similar graphic image. Seeing as it’s been about a year since a star shared their experience of going under the knife, we assumed it was a movement that was (thankfully) over, but MAN we were wrong…

Shay Mitchell underwent LASIK eye surgery at the end of 2015 to correct her vision, and thought she was home free with perfect eyesight. But, as she shared on Snapchat, “only 4 percent of people who get LASIK need to get a touch up,” and she was one of them — so back under the knife she went! The Pretty Little Liars actress documented the entire experience via the video-sharing app, including some seriously graphic visuals of her eyeball literally getting sliced. As her BFF said while narrating the vid, “hope no one’s grossed out!”

Snapchat (officialshaym)

Snapchat (officialshaym)

While this picture may seem less graphic than the ones Miley and James decided to post, it still gives us the heebie-jeebies HARDCORE. There’s just something about an eyeball exposed like that, ya know???

Luckily, Shay’s follow-up surgery went well and even though we were grossed out, she was completely fine. In fact, the 28 year old is feeling so good that she’s still planning on traveling!

Eeeeeep. Are you cringing?!

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