A Month After Cheating Drama, Colette & Shay Butler’s Marriage Status Revealed

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It’s been radio silence from the Shaytards clan ever since we found out that Shay Carl was having an online affair with an adult video performer for months. Neither the 37-year-old YouTuber nor his wife, Colette Butler, have posted a video, tweet, or ANYTHING else explaining what’s been happening in their world. Sure, many fans encouraged the 34-year-old to divorce her cheating husband, but no one really knew what was to come. Until now, that is.

Charles Trippy got married to Allie Wesenberg over the weekend and while most assumed Shay wouldn’t attend, ’cause, ya know, rehab rumors and whatnot, he proved them wrong and stood by his pal’s side as one of the groomsmen.

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Not only did the Butler family patriarch attend the ceremony to support his longtime friend, but Colette also showed up with her husband.

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Not gonna lie, we’re pretty shocked right now. We didn’t necessarily think the Butlers would get divorced for sure, but definitely figured they’d spend some time apart during all the drama. But hey — as long as everyone is happy, that’s all that really matters.

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