Shay Carl Told to Kill Himself After He Was Caught Cheating on His Wife

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YouTube star Shay Carl (Butler) shocked the world when he basically admitted to cheating on his wife of 14 years, Colette, with an adult performer he met on Twitter. The 36-year-old has (allegedly) since checked into rehab for alcoholism, which he says is what caused him to “hurt the ones [he] loves most.”

Before all this went down, the Shaytards had almost 5 million subscribers and were known as the ‘First Family of YouTube.’ Needless to say, the Butler crew has TONS of supporters, and while most of them are obviously incredibly disappointed in Shay RN, they’re sticking by the fam’s side at this tough time. Others, however, aren’t so willing to forgive and are actually calling for the man to kill himself because of his poor decisions.



We don’t think what Shay did to his family is acceptable in any way, shape, or form, but telling a stranger (or anyone, for that matter) to kill himself for ANY reason is absolutely unacceptable. Always remember that words can hurt and while you may not THINK they’re taken seriously, they are.

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