After Eight Years on the Site, One of Your Favorite Families is Quitting YouTube

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Before YouTube was filled with hundreds of families making vlogs of their everyday lives, there were only a few people who documented everything for the world to see; one of those people was Shay Carl (Butler). Eight years after the 36-year-old posted his first video to the Shaytards account, there are now almost 5 million people who watch their daily uploads and truly feel like they’re a part of the Butler family. It is because of this connection that it breaks our hearts to say that Shay is leaving the site.

The sad and somewhat shocking announcement came in a raw, mostly unedited video with Shay and his wife Colette Butler A.K.A. Katilette. Basically, the bearded man decided that, in the best interest of his family, he “needs to take a year off the Internet.” DUN DUN DUN! We know — crazy! But before you get too upset, Shay is determined to make his last few months online the best ones yet.

“We’re going to start daily vlogging (making videos every single day)…for the next five months until March 5th, my 37th birthday, which is when we started these Shaytards vlogs,” he explained. “I want to be a ‘normal’ family who doesn’t have this worldwide YouTube audience… I want to know what it’s like not to be a YouTuber.”

The father of five acknowledges that everything he’s accomplished on YT is a blessing, but he needs to step away for 12 months and then come back and reassess what they’re going to do. Here’s how he summed up their decision:

“We started the #SHAYTARDS YouTube channel on October 2, 2008! This coming October 2 will be the 8 year anniversary of its creation. WHO KNEW IT WOULD TURN INTO THIS! We are going to commit to doing 5 more months of EVERY SINGLE DAY vlogging and then on March 5, 2017 on Shay’s 37th birthday we will shut the SHAYTARDS channel down for 1 year.. NO VIDEOS! In an effort to try to maintain a “normal” life in which time Shay will take a year off the internet to recalibrate and internalize all that he has learned in this whirlwind of a journey before deciding on the next amazing adventure to embark on. I CAN’T WAIT!”

We’re obviously sad that the Shaytards will not be a part of our lives every day, but are definitely looking forward to the future of the Butler family.

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