Shay Carl Checks Into Rehab Two Weeks After He Was Caught Cheating on Wife

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It was the Twitter post that shocked the world. Shay Carl (Butler), founder of the super-popular YouTube channel ‘The Shaytards’ and father of five beautiful children, admitted that alcoholism had “manifested itself back into [his] life” and caused him to “hurt the ones [he] loves most.” How did he do that exactly? By sending raunchy, SUPER inappropriate direct messages to an adult video star named Aria Nina for months, despite being married to Colette (Katilette) Butler for 14 frickin’ years. #Cool.

The 36-year-old also said he would be taking a break from the Internet so he could get help.

“My purpose is to rehab. It’s my only priority,” he wrote.

The YouTube star is apparently doing just that. According to Inquisitr.com, Shay checked into an undisclosed rehab facility this week. We do not know what kind of rehabilitation center it is, or how long he’s planning to stay.

After previously making his Instagram private, SC also decided to deleted his Twitter account this morning.

The Shaytards were originally planning to take a year off from vlogging starting on March 5, Shay’s 37th birthday. Nothing has been posted to that channel, or Colette’s channel, however, since this sh*tstorm started.

We sincerely hope the man gets the help he needs and the entire Butler family can find peace at this difficult time.

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