YouTuber Not Only Caught Cheating on Wife, But Also Admits to Being Alcoholic

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Back in October, Shay Carl (Butler) made the announcement that he and his famous family, the Shaytards, would be quitting YouTube in March in order to “be a ‘normal’ family who doesn’t have this worldwide YouTube audience.” The 36-year-old man decided to “not be on the Internet” a little earlier, however, because he was (allegedly) caught cheating on his wife AND is a struggling alcoholic.

Sh*t started to hit the fan yesterday when adult webcam performer Aria Nina exposed a series of beyond explicit direct messages the YouTuber sent her for months, starting way back in January. The girl tweeted screenshots to Colette (Katilette) Butler, Shay’s wife, and explained that she did so because “he said [she] was disgusting because [she] said his kid was adorable in a nice normal way.” We won’t show you the extremely NSFW notes, but here’s something else she posted as proof the DMs were really coming from him:

Aria also claims she has videos of the Internet star masturbating.

A few hours after the woman ~exposed~ Shay, he posted a lengthy note on Twitter explaining that alcoholism has “manifested itself back into [his] life,” causing him to “hurt the ones [he] loves most.” While this isn’t necessarily an admission of the cheating claims, the timing is more than coincidental.

We cannot even believe it. Shay and Colette recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary and have five beautiful children together. It seems that the entire Butler family plans to stand by the patriarch’s side as he gets the help he needs, so all we can do is sit back and hope he can fight his demons.

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